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How To Add a New User In Kali Linux

Adding a New Non-Root User in Kali Linux

To create a standard user on Kali Linux, follow these some easy 6 steps:

1. Open a terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T or clicking on the icon – logged in as root

2. Add a new user using:

#useradd -m username

-m to create the user’s home directory

3. Create a password for the user:

#passwd username

4. Add the user to the sudo group (to install software etc):

#usermod -a -G sudo username

-a to add and -G mentions the group name to be added to

5. Now finally change the default shell of the newly added user to bash:

#chsh -s /bin/bash username

-s to provide a new login shell for the user account

6. To switch user using the “su” command:

#su username

Update Kali Linux System

You should update Kali Linux system as soon as posible with every restart or make some core changes for more stability and security.

#sudo apt-get update

Your password for su username is required.

How To Add a New User In Kali Linux
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How To Add a New User In Kali Linux
Adding a New Non-Root User in Kali Linux. Follow these easy 6 steps to switch to another created new user using "su"command in Kali Linux.
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